June 18, 2006 - Evergreen Aviation Museum

(Home of the Spruce Goose)


I took off from Pearson Airfield around 9:40 AM and headed south for a short flight to McMinnville Municipal Airport (KMMV) -- elevation 163 feet).

Below I am just taking off from Pearson with Fort Vancouver off my right wing.

Looking back, I can see Portland International Airport just across the river.   Before you take off at Pearson, you call the Portland Tower on the radio and let them know. 
Flying down the Willamette Valley.
The Willamette isn't perfectly flat like your typical valley.
McMinnville Airport.  The Evergreen Aviation Museum where the Spruce Goose resides is the triangular looking building on the other side of the runway. 
McMinnville has a glider operation.  A glider had just landed as I flew over. 

The airport had a cozy little terminal that was staffed.  A DC-3 was out front.  The friendly lady behind the FBO counter called the Museum and had them send a shuttle over.  You could walk it if you had to, though. 

The Evergreen Aviation Museum was excellent and really worth visiting if you're in the area.  The star attraction is the Spruce Goose, of course, but they have quite a few other interesting airplanes and the entire museum is very well done.  It was well attended and there were also docents all over the place available to answer questions. 
That's a Wright Flier replica on the left, and the Curtis Pusher between it and the Spruce Goose. 
You could go inside the Spruce Goose where that platform is. 
The Spruce Goose is just huge. 
A model of the airplane that I believe was used in the recent film The Aviator.
A Grumman F6F Hellcat, the U.S. Navy's main fighter plane during World War II.
A German Me-109G painted in the markings of Erich Hartmann, the top-scoring ace of all time, with an incredible 352 kills during World War II. 
The 109 was a formidable weapon in the hands of a good pilot.  It was challenging to takeoff and land; I think a large percentage of 109 losses were due to accidents, not combat. 
A Wright Flier replica.  I never get tired of seeing one.  This is the plane that started it all.
A Jenny with no fabric. 
The museum had a place where you could get a surprisingly good sandwich for a reasonable price.