June 15, 2006 - Kemmerer to Pocatello, Idaho

This leg of the flight was probably the most scenic day and enjoyable of the entire trip.  Keep in mind, I've been in the high desert for the last two days.

Kemmerer Municipal Airport (KEMM) - elevation 7,285 - from the air after takeoff.  The terminal buildings and hangars are in the upper left hand corner of the picture.  I took off around 6AM.

The small town of Kemmerer.
Another look at the airport.  You can see how it sits on a plateau.  I landed on the short diagonal runway because it was aligned with the wind.  In the morning when I took off, the wind was calm, so I used the long runway.
A huge quarry near town.
I passed by Fossil Buttes National Monument on the right. 
I flew about 20 miles following a highway through a mountainous area, then suddenly I came to this beautiful green valley.  It was incredibly scenic with the green fields, blue water, and white clouds. 
On the west side of the valley were some more mountains, and then I saw Bear Lake. 
Lynnette and I had driven by Bear Lake about 20 years ago and it really impressed me. 
I turned north and flew along the east shore. 
This swampy area at the northern end of Bear Lake was striking. 
Bear Lake Airport north of the lake.  I couldn't get over how green it was here after flying over brown desert for so long.
It was neat how fog was coming off the river and ponds. 
Great Oregon Trail ruts running bottom to top center.
The wind was absolutely calm, the temperature was just right, the air was smooth, the scenary was magnificent:  flying just doesn't get any better than this. 
Even the mountains were covered in green.
Ruts running right to left at the top of that pond.
The trail runs north now, skirting the big mountains to the west.
Cumulous clouds are forming.  Check out their shadows on the ground.
The Trail angles northwest to get around a mountain range and into the Idaho Valley.
Flying west into the Idaho Valley.  The town of Pocatello is just off the nose.
Pocatello (KPIH) - elevation 4452 feet - has a towered airport and they just brought me in on a straight-in approach.  The FBO was friendly.  I borrowed the courtesy car and drove into town where I had breakfast at a Dennys. 
I drove by this big Simplot plant.  Simplot is a big name in Idaho.  He started with nothing and built a potato empire.