June 16, 2006 - Boise & the Sawtooth Mountains

Boise State Capital
Boise State University and it's famous blue astroturf.
Pete took me on a seven hour driving tour through the Salmon River Mountains northeast of Boise.  It's hard to see, but there is a kayaker on the river.  Notice also the cross memorial on the edge of the river. 
Another kayaker coming down the river.
Garden Valley Airport (U88) -- elevation 3,177 feet.
Warm Springs Creek Airport (0U1) -- elevation 4,831 feet.
A bad fire came through here a few years ago.
The first glimpse of the Sawtooth Mountains.
Another scenic valley. 
Redfish Lake. 
Salmon fish hatchery. 
One of Pete's favorite fly-fishing streams.
Smiley Creek Airport (U87) -- elevation 7,160 feet -- is in this valley.
The road climbed to 8,450 feet to get through the mountain pass. 
Sun Valley is on the other side.  It is an upscale town like Aspen, Colorado where the rich and famous live.  It has a towered airport with a long runway so the Gulfstream jets can fly in.  We enjoyed some beer and pizza at this restaurant bar. 
Back in Pete's neighborhood, Pete showed me how he fly-fishes. 
Got one!  You the man!  Did anyone know Idaho was this scenic?